Friday, April 17, 2009

Endless Love

If it's true there is but one true love for each of us in this life, then I am the luckiest woman on this planet to have found the long-suffering Mr. Fry.

The photo below was taken when he was in his late teens, but he looked more or less the same when I met him in his late twenties. He sparked a longing and a hunger (you may read that: 'lust') that made me weak in the knees, as he does to this day. It's a long and steamy story, but the short version is we were dating other people when we met, canoodled a bit, parted ways, married and divorced other people, and found each other again 8 years later. The second I saw him again, I knew.
We're chubby and middle aged now (and his hair is gone), but this is what I see when I close my eyes.

Mike's own biological father was absent, and his stepdad experiences were less than fond memories, which strengthened his resolve to be a good dad. He wanted children, but that wasn't in the cards for us. My son, Jesse, was 7 years old when Mike and I married. Their relationship can best be summed up by saying Jesse calls Mike 'Dad' and his biological father by his first name.

State Fair of Texas

3 knuckleheads

Fort Jackson, SC

Mike Fry, you're the love of my life, and I just adore you. You'll always be my favorite redhead. You make me laugh and you've given me a life more wonderful than I could ever have imagined. I'm grateful for every single second with you, come what may. Thanks for EVERYTHING.

You're the one for me, and you still do it for me, baby, baby.


Mrs. Mom said...

I feel the same way about My Dear Husband.

Ain't love grand?? ;)

Cactus Jack Splash said...

You said that so well. That is how I feel about the support crew chief

Unknown said...

That is a wonderful tribute to him! I should do one for my hubby, maybe this summer when I have more time ... sigh...

Angie @ thejunkranch said...

I love "love" stories like yours! So glad you told it. Hope you all have a great weekend.

cdncowgirl said...

I sure hope Mr Fry reads this :)

cowgirljlynn said...

Very nice story!

Paint Girl said...

What a wonderful story! And look at that young picture of Mr Fry!
Thanks for sharing with us!

lytha said...

awesome, isn't it? i never thought i'd find anyone, so i gave up and looked forward to a life alone. then i found him and he's worth a move around the world. i thank my heavenly father that my parents agree, otherwise it would be even harder on them that i'm gone.

i pray i can be a wife deserving such a man.

tonight he gets his favorite meal cuz he knew i was worried about baasha today, cuz baasha didn't seem to drink any water yesterday/last night. about an hour ago i found my man in the barn with a bucket of warm water with 15 carrots floating in it. he was hoping baasha would take a drink. it worked: )

i hope my son is becoming "his son" too. it looks like it!

~lytha, married one year

BrownEyed Cowgirl said...

What a wonderful tribute to Mr. Fry! And a testament to knowing when you have found "the one".

You both are very lucky!!

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