Sunday, April 5, 2009

Homage to Barn Buddies

Pronounced oh-mäzh' if you please.

I am so blessed to have my horses at home. I can walk outside for an instant pony fix whether it's to ride or just hang out. Two or three times a year, we give our drought-plagued land a chance to recover by sending the Boyz to Heather and Nita. This spring's respite came without prior planning; it was the silver lining to the black cloud of Jaz's hoof abcess.

The horses have been up there since March 14th, and will likely remain for several more weeks. I don't visit every day, but I have been spending the better part of my weekends up there. To be clear, this is not some snooty-tooty, fancy-schmancy barn. Heather and Nita's place is real life, like the rest of us.

Hanging around with barn buddies is the perk of boarding my horses.
  • Barn buddies don't notice or care about such things as whether you are wearing makeup, or if you've bothered to wash your face today, much less shower. They don't care how bad you look or smell, and the horses certainly don't.
  • You always have something to talk about with barn buddies. And if you don't feel like talking, that's okay, too.
  • Barn buddies are always willing to help, and will often jump to assist before you have to ask. If you are out of fly spray or MTG, or have forgotten an implement, you are always welcome to use theirs — anything for the horses.
  • Who but a barn buddy is genuinely grateful when you show up with gifts like a sack full of rags, a roll of toilet paper, a handful of miscellaneous hardware, or a partially used jug of corn oil?
  • Like you, a barn buddy thinks nothing of sharing a bottle of Gatorade with a horse.
  • There's no such thing as a strange request from a barn buddy. "Hey, if you go by the feed store, will you pick me up about a dozen Rhode Island Red chicks?" Sure.
  • Barn buddies encourage you. They know you and know what it means when you say your horse is doing "that thing" again. They celebrate small victories with you.
  • Only a barn buddy walks into your house and doesn't bat an eye at dust bunnies the size of kittens. They are likewise unfazed by errant tack lying on a kitchen counter, a dining room chair, or the entire back seat and floor of your SUV.
  • Barn buddies understand the occasional need to wipe your nose — or your horse's — on your sleeve.
  • You will never hear a barn buddy utter the words, "Eww! You have poop (slobber, blood) on you!"
I don't think I'm any more myself than when I'm with my barn buddies, or any happier.

Feel free to comment about your own barn buddies, even if it's just your dog.


cdncowgirl said...

Kimfer is my best friend and my barn buddy... we definately have that almost telepathic communication :)

Another great thing about barn buddies, they are there for you when you need that extra pair of hands (clipping a horse for the first time, helping out with vet/farrier appointments that you can't be there for, etc etc)

Paint Girl said...

Yes, barn buddies are a must! My sis and I are always helping eachother out with things, like today with the vet.
Thanks for stopping by my blog Leah! Yes, I will be doing a post on that new bridle! I can't wait!

Leah Fry said...

Yeah, I didn't even get into barn buddies being there for appts. you can't make. And I also didn't get into how barn buddies look out for your horse like they do their own. "Hey, your horse has a big gash on his shoulder. I washed it out and put Nolvasan on it. Don't freak out when you get here, he's fine."

AareneX said...

I love how barn buddies always remember the name of your horse(s), your dog, your farrier, and your truck...but maybe not the name of your kid or your spouse.

It's good to know that I'm not the only one with that kind of memory issue.

Alex said...

after a recent pony club event we hosted was breaking up- one of the moms stuck her head back thru the front door after they left to shout over her shoulder "thanks again- its so nice to spend time in another house where they keep the excaliber on the kitchen shelf!" You know- i have to keep it warm right?! yup, there it sits in plain view, next to the flour and sugar (with a bottle of wonder dust I keep meaing to take back out to the barn)

cowgirljlynn said...

My sister is my barn buddy! It nice to have someone to share everything with!

Pony Girl said...

Great post Leah! Everything is better with a buddy. I wish Paint Girl wasn't such a fair-weather ride though, LOL! ;) I spend a lot of the winter out with my horse by myself. Thank goodness the sun is coming back!

Esther Garvi said...

Despite being short of a physical barn, by the description above, my housemate, colleague and co-horse owner Anette is also my "barn mate"!

Unknown said...

So true! I loved that - I copied and emailed it to my horsey pals - hope you don't mind....

d2cmom said...

I think the closest I have to barn buddies are the people at my church. I go to a Cowboy Church and there are several people there who will act how you described the barn buddies. Great friends, and I have only known them a year.

BrownEyed Cowgirl said...

That is something I really miss having around...barn buddies and horsie friends.
Most of the horse kids in the 4-H club have parents that I 4-Hed with, but none of the mom's really ride anymore. So we can "talk" horse, but I really don't have anyone to hang out with. Poor Megan, she is stuck keeping her momma company.;)

Anonymous said...


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