Friday, January 22, 2010

Happy Homecoming

Scorch & his BFF
loaded like champs
and enjoyed the flake
of alfalfa in the hay bag.

Jaz smelled his buddy
and called as soon as we pulled in.

Poco is looking over at Jaz.
Scorch is prancing for the ladies.

Oh yeah, the testosterone kicked in BIG TIME
when he got a whiff of those mares.
At one point he got a bit amorous with Poco.
Poco kicked him squarely in the butt.
I can't describe how it sounded,
but it was loud.
Unassuaged, Scorch tried again.
Poco grabbed him and
body-slammed him into the dirt.
Scorch went to the other half of the pen
to cool his jets.
Heather and I were highly amused.

I rode Jaz for 20-30 minutes
at a walk only.
This is his first time being ridden
since the strongyles episode.
It had been a long time
before that since he was ridden anyway,
because that spot on his back
(that ended up being related to the strongyles)
had been tender for quite awhile.

I really tuckered him out.

And then it was this guy's turn.

Heather wanted to mess with Scorch,
so I suggested she saddle him
for the first time
and walk him in the arena while
I rode Poco.

Poco behaves better with another horse
and I feel better when someone
else is with me.

At least there's someone there
to pick me up if he dumps me.

But he didn't.
There was the normal amount
of Appy-tude
but overall I was
pleased with him today.

After that, I loaded
Pokey & Jazu and
headed home.

I was going to leave Jaz til Spring,
but I missed him so much.
And, if I can believe what
the horses have been telling me,
we're done with frigid temps.
They're already dropping
their winter coats.

There wasn't the exuberant buck fest I was expecting.
It was more like, "Hey! I remember this place."

At feeding time, he stood politely by his bowl,
as if he had never left.
He couldn't get enough
of the mineral block.

Welcome home, Little Man.


Mrs. Mom said...


So glad Jaz is home Leah, and that you got to ride him!!

Cactus Jack Splash said...

Nice you got to ride them both. Extra wonderful that you got to bring your Jazu home!

aurora said...

Happy day - I bet Jaz is glad to be home!

Chelsi said...

He is so dang cute:) I love how he always seems to know where the camera is and puts on his best Eeyore (unimpressed with the world) look. lol

Unknown said...

Ah, home at last.

By the way, Domino hasn't found a home yet.

cdncowgirl said...

Welcome home Jaz :)

Love the butt shot of Scorch and Poco in the trailer... wide, low Appy butt; skinny, squished to the side Sport horse (??) butt. lol

And congrats on getting to ride both of them in the same day!

Leah Fry said...

I neglected to say that I tuckered me out, too. Rain is in the forecast for today (Saturday). I hope it doesn't, because I'll take them both back up there tomorrow and ride in the arena again.

And I'm now proof, if you don't use it, you lose it, so, as Mrs. Mom says, "Shut Up & Ride." Man, I was all over the place yesterday. I'm glad there were no pix taken, because it was ugly.

jacksonsgrrl said...

YEA! You got to ride him AND bring him home, SWEET! I hope the dropping of the coats doesn't come to bite them all in the butts (ours are here too) with an Arctic Blast they aren't prepared for....
And your rain prediction better not extend to San Antonio for Sat. or I'm going to poop a brick. I NEED TO RIDE!!!!

Laura said...

yeah! glad he is home AND you got to ride!!!

Desert Rose said...

You must be so happy to get your boy back home! I felt terible not havng Jesse home with me this summer...although Little Lady and the King sure kept me busy...there was a big hole in my heart!

Anonymous said...

What a great resource!

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

I'm glad he's home again. I had to laugh at how much of the trailer Poco took up. Poor Scorch looked like he had to suck it in to fit next to your portly Poco! lol!

Do you think that Jaz is licking too much of the minerals and could make his tummy upset?


City girl turned Country Girl said...

Glad Jaz is home again!! And that is great that you got a good ride in on both of them!!

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