Saturday, January 9, 2010


Heather and I met online in Fall 2006.
By the time foals began arriving
in early spring 2007,
I was a frequent visitor to the farm.

I was excited at
possibly seeing the birth of a foal.
Scorch was the first
(and so far, the only)
one for which I was present.
I missed Rico and Tori by a few hours.

Scorch's dam is a beautiful bay
Clydesdale mare named Hex.
Funny mare wanted an audience.
She seemed agitated if one of us walked away.

She didn't care that we were in her stall.

Scorch has been handled constantly
from the moment of his birth.

Scorch's sire is Spot, Heather's fewspot Appy. We were hoping for color, but when he popped out much later than expected and jet black, we joked that he had been left in the oven too long and all the spots burned off. He has some App characteristics: white sclera, mottling around his eyes and muzzle, mottled genitalia. He does not have striped hooves. His coat is now a rich seal bay. He may roan out; I don't know if he has the roaning gene. He is in the Tiger Horse Registry as Rohrschachs Slow Burn.

Rico (Rohrschachs Hexstatic), his full brother, got the loud color. He is every bit as even-tempered as Scorch.

Spring 2009, as a 2-year old,
the day I banded his mane.

Poco and Scorch at play. The quality of this video, taken Christmas Eve 2009, isn't great because it was taken through a rainy window, but you can see how Scorch moves.

Scorch will be 3 in April, so he hasn't had his "debut," as it were. He's caused quite the buzz in Tiger Horse circles already, so his dance card should start filling up. You couldn't ask for a sweeter, more level-headed, easier to handle stallion.


Anonymous said...

He's beautiful - from foal to now! Thanks for the pictures!

Jeni said...

Aw man he's gorgeous!

cdncowgirl said...

He's a handsome young man! Any riding/driving/showing in his future?

City girl turned Country Girl said...

He is gorgeous!!! I love foaling season!! Of course all of my mares prefer their privacy so I have yet to catch an in action birth LOL!! I always seem to get there within minutes afterwards LOL!!

AareneX said...

Great photos--and they are *both* nice movers. Might I suggest endurance as a possible career once Scorch is done growing up?

SHP said...

Scorch will be started under saddle (you know, real training, not just Leah sitting on him) as soon as he gets back home from his last "hurrah" as a baby. After that, he will be trained in basic dressage until he's old enough (4 to 5) to see if he has a preference between jumping or dressage.

Yep, we plan on showing him. He's so incredably laid back and sensible for a young colt that I have really high hopes for him.

Man, I miss the big lug. Thanks for the video Leah!

Michelle said...

He's cute! I'm not familiar with the Tiger horse thing, though. What is that?

Esther Garvi said...

I have yet to witness my first foaling, but I came out just an hour or so after the birth of Kalahari, and got to hear all about Arwen's foaling through skype.

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