Monday, January 4, 2010

They Can't Stay In Forever

We had rain, snow,
and mixtures of the two
3 times between Christmas and New Year's.

I considered hosting mud wrestling
at our place.

Turns out, the farm would be a better
mud wrestling venue.
This is what most of the pens look like
up there.

It was cold, and I thought I'd
visit Jaz in his stall.

But they can't stay in forever
or they'll tear the barn down,
especially the youngsters.

This is where I found my Little Man.

From left to right: Rico (Scorch's full brother), Crash,
Zire (fewspot), and Jazu, back there in his filthy green blankey.

They were up to their pasterns in mud,
but thoroughly enjoying their turnout.

It was so cold and I didn't want to remove Jaz's blanket.
The footing was just plain gross.
Any attempt at grooming would have been pointless.

I gave him a couple apples
and called it good.

It was a much better day to be indoors.

Geez, Mom.
We coulda told you that.


cowgirljlynn said...

We have alot of mud here too!! Can't keep a white horse clean!!!

AareneX said...

You tell 'em, RatWeasels!!!

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

lol! The dogs are smart and spoiled.

Today while coming back down the hill from the barn, there was a lot of muddy areas between the snowy areas, and at the gate, it is especially muddy. Dobbie stops about 4' from the gate and tip toes around and looks up at me and looks pathetic. She wanted e to pick her up and carry her over the mud. lol!

Of course I did it, because if I didn't, I'd have had to wash her feet once we got inside. bah! I hate mud.

Our snow is melting and turning everything to mud, but that will be shortlived. A storm called an Arctic Blast is on it's wway this week and will probably dump more snow on us.

Sure wish we could have gotten this moisture during the summer!


City girl turned Country Girl said...

OH this winter is the pits!! We haven't had it as bad as you but bad enough!!!

Anonymous said...

Ugh - we at least have clean snow - with the cold and wind that go with it, though!

jane augenstein said...

We have snow right now but in the spring...ugh! I too hate mud and we have tons of it. since we live in a hollow, all the water runs down hill of course...we live in a mud bowl!!! I'll take the snow for now!!!
Dogs are smart, staying inside on the soft fluffy bed! :-)

Laura said...

Ugh - mud is such a pain. We had really bad mud from Sept. to Dec. The one good thing about cold and alot of snow is that the mud is finally gone for a few months!

Your dogs are very smart!! :-)

Michelle said...

You are not kidding about the mud wrestling. Good grief! I don't envy you at all.

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