Monday, December 28, 2009

Jazu Passes His Checkup!

Yesterday was Jazu's follow-up vet visit after his treatment for strongyles. I wanted to take photos, but I couldn't bring myself to ask permission; it felt disrespectful.

Dr. E asked how Jaz has been acting. He had a rough 2-3 week period following his 3 days of 10x doses of Panacur. Every time the weather changed, he exhibited mild colic symptoms that never developed into full-blown episodes. He's been his sweet, playful, goobery self for a couple of weeks, even with extreme (for Texas) weather changes. He is also not showing signs of tenderness on his flank. Eats like a pig, poops like a champ.

Dr. E asked how I wanted to proceed, which took me aback. He had said all along that he wanted to do a sonogram 30 days after treatment stopped, but now said that was merely an option. He said it was the medically correct thing to do, but treatment wouldn't change regardless of what we saw. Since I was expecting the expense all along, we did the sonogram. I'm glad we did. The swelling is reduced significantly, and the artery walls have thinned from what we originally saw. Dr. E said there will always be scarring, but it shouldn't cause Jaz any discomfort, and he is okay to ease back into riding. I'm so excited! If I hadn't agreed to this sonogram, I would have always wondered what was going on in there.

Dr. E said to give Jaz a tube of Quest as soon as the tranquilizer wore off. Poco and Scorch will also get treated, as will Heather's entire herd. Dr. E says the worms can't live on the ground when it's frozen or in the heat of the summer — they are all living in the horses' guts. That's why he recommends purge worming in January and July in Texas. We've had hard freezes for a week. Close enough.

I think it's best if I leave Jaz at the farm until spring. I want him to build his strength back up, and be stalled if the weather is bad. Someone is always there, in case he should have a relapse. I couldn't turn him out here 24/7 and not worry.

I almost got stuck in the mud trying to turn the trailer around to get out of Heather's driveway. My trailer sits too low in the back when it's empty. We've talked about getting a proper hitch that brings the front of the trailer down so it rides level. After a trip to nearby Dennards in Whitesboro, TX, that became my Christmas present to myself. Now I have my very own hitch and don't have to worry about where Mr. Fry has placed the other one this time. This has been an issue on several occasions. As anal as he is about his garage and tools, why can't he put stuff in the same place twice?

While I was at Dennards, I bought Poco and Scorch a half dozen bales of alfalfa. I will dole it out a half a flake at a time, just a little "sump'n sump'n" in their feed pans at night.

Before I left to pick up Jaz, I noticed Scorch's blanket was hanging funny again. The main strap around his barrel was undone, and both straps that wrap around his hind legs were gone. I found them out by the round bale. We are expecting sleet later, so I guess I'll be the reluctant seamstress again today.

Stay warm!


Unknown said...

Yay! What good news! It certainly is fortunate to have some nice hard freezes to kill off those worms!

I hope this is a start of a great 2010

AareneX said...

Callooh! Callay!

This is great news for Jaz...and for you!

Interesting about purge worming during a freeze. I think I'll call my vet and see if she thinks it's frozen enough here now (we keep thawing out mid-day, but the nights are coollllld!)

Laura said...

I'm so glad that you had some good news about Jaz! You must be relieved about that. I would've done the sonogram too - nice to know that things are better inside...

I like your new layout, btw. Nice header pics of the boys! :-)

Unknown said...

Hi there! Thank you for the kind comments you left on my blog! I hope the new year bring better luck to our household.

Wanted to say that we too purge worm in the winter with great success. And I'm glad you got some good news on Jaz!

Desert Rose said...

So glad Jaz is out of the woods and well on the way to recovery!

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Oooooh! Yay Jaz! I'm so happy for you to find out such positive news. It's like another Christmas gift, isn't it?
Congrats on the new hitch, too.

The boys will be loving that alfalfa. They're not spoiled, are they?
And what a stinker that Scorch is. He's like a little boy who is always destroying his Sunday best outside catching worms and climbing trees. lol!

Happy New Year to you, Leah!


phaedra96 said...

I am so happy things are back to normal for Jazu!! Thanks for the info; I will hit mine with Quest come payday. Our temps have not been above freezing since before Christmas and not likely to any time soon.

Jeni said...

woOoOoo HOOoooO that is great news!

Mrs. Mom said...

AWESOME!!! Just Freaking AWESOME!!!!!! Go Jaz, get yer groove on, it's yer birthday ;)

This is one heckuva wicked cool way Leah, to start off 2010!! Cant wait to hear that you've been up on that handsome man too!

cdncowgirl said...

I think I would have done the same and opted for the sonogram.

Paint Girl said...

Excellent news!!! So happy to hear that Jaz is doing so well!!
I am glad you are going to keep him at Heather's until spring, then you won't have to worry so much about your boy!!

the7msn said...

Eats like a pig, poops like a champ. I may have to quote you on that one someday. May Jaz continue doing so throughout the new year and beyond!

Anonymous said...

So glad Jazu is doing well! That's wonderful news! Hope you and all your beasts and family have a wonderful New Year's!

Michelle said...

Great way to end out the year! Great news! So glad you'll be back on Jaz in no time.

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