Monday, December 14, 2009

Needing a Fix

The weather warmed up and
Mr. Fry removed horse blankets.
He was also kind enough to
clean them up a bit.

I inspected the damage
to Scorch's blanket,
this time in full daylight.
The good news is, it's repairable.

The white spot on the upper right
is the tear on the flank,
which is about 5" long.
It can be patched
or hand mended.

As you can see, the hardware is
easily replaceable.
I always have extra swivel hooks around.
The other half, to which it hooks,
was not ripped off, just folded in on itself.

The right shoulder seam
is torn about 8-10"
and can be sewn.

Why wouldn't they have used
heavy duty thread, like
carpet thread or nylon?

And I feel like an idiot.
Lisa asked if Poco chews on blankets.
It's gotta be him.
He's the only one whose
blanket isn't torn.
I always blamed Jaz's ragamuffin blanket
on his boyish nature.

Jaz, I'm sorry, Bubby.
I should have known my
sweet, good boy wasn't
responsible for the destruction.

As for you, Pokeymon:
son, you and I need to have a talk.


Jeni said...

It amazes me that some blanket manufactures don't make them stronger in the places the horses stress them the most.

I had to laugh at the "Son - we need to talk" comment... I've muttered those same words to my teenage boy recently.

Laura said...

I'm glad the blanket can be repaired... Sometimes I think they use the cheapest of everything to make them.

I've gone through so many of those swivel clips in the last two years...

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Watch out, Pokey 'ol boy. Just show your Mom you're sorry...and look plenty cute and she'll forgive ya....and maybe even give you a carrot, too.

But stop messing with the blankets or next time she'll make you walk the plank!


I'm glad the blanket is repairable. I agree that the materials shoule be tougher, though. The blankets are being worn by 1,000+ animals, not kittens.


Laughing Orca Ranch said...

gah! I meant to type: should be tougher, though. The blankets are being worn by 1,000 lb + animals, not kittens.


lytha said...

oh dear, those photos!

i got sick of the baby chewin on baasha's blanket so i sprayed "anti-bite" spray on it every day. it tastes terrible!

i would be so annoyed if i had just bought that pretty black blanket and now it's all messed up!


AareneX said...

My mares are *usually* pretty easy on their blankets (knocking wood). So far, so good this year.

A few years ago, however, on a nice day in Spring, I thought to myself, "should I take Fiddle's blanket off? Maybe I should leave it on another day..." ...and of course, THAT was the day she shredded the thing. Argh.

I took the shreds to the blanket-mender and she laughed at me.

cdncowgirl said...

I was wondering if there was some roughhousing going on. Now you know who's allowance to dock! Lol

Desert Rose said...

Must be Karma...Jesse's blanket also has boo boo's today! Put a different one on him and will see if it can be fixed. I think the boo boo's were there already and the Bossman put it on Jesse that way!!!

Paint Girl said...

I sometimes wonder how my horses get rips in their blankets, there isn't much to rip them on in the pasture! But as we all know, horses can find the smallest thing to destroy their clothes!
Bad Pokey!! Hopefully he learns his lesson after that talk you have with him!

Michelle said...

Lol! Sneaky little devil! How long have you been blaming Jaz for the mass destruction?! What a stinker.

cdncowgirl said...

I LOVE your new header.
Wish I was technically savvy enough to figure out that multiple photo header thing lol

Unknown said...

Ha! Reminds me of the old saying that if you are getting a haircut in the town with two barbers, get it from the guy with the terrible haircut.

Cuz clearly he knows what he's doing.

Happy sewing!

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