Sunday, March 14, 2010

He's All That

Arden and the still nameless
blue-eyed baby boy.

There are mares lined up to her right,
which is why Arden's ears are back.
MY baby, mine, mine, MINE!

The baby is the most gregarious,
jump-in-your-arms friendly
little guy I've ever met —
much to his mama's dismay.

She doesn't want him
more than a few feet away
and doesn't appreciate
that he's not at all timid
or apprehensive.

Sorry about the shadows.
The sun was setting,
Arden was being aggressively protective,
and I had to take what I could get.

There is less visible of O than I thought.
The foal is average size, and isn't drafty at all.
I'm told O's babies start out small,
which is a good thing for the poor mares.

Mama (Quagga's Ardent Sun)
getting neck scritches from Heather.
On this side, she has her father's eye.
The other eye is blue.

We're trying to come up with names.
The challenge is that everything
sounds too serious.
The future gelding is already a goober
and needs a good tongue-in-cheek moniker.


Jeni said...

He's Adorable!

I had this as a security challenge:


I thought it'd be a cool horsey name =)

jacksonsgrrl said...

Awww! So cute!
My first pony named Popcorn who was a chestnut (and looked like a startlingly smaller version of Jackson!) had one blue eye.

Cactus Jack Splash said...

Golly he is cute. I love appy butts.

Grey Horse Matters said...

The foal is just too adorable. His mama is really protective too, what a nice mare.

We have a paint with one blue eye named Biloxi Blue because he's from Mississippi. Very original I know to call him Blue. We came up with what we though was a good name, after the fact of course 'Bowie'..Just another thought to put in the list.

West Side of Straight said...

Love new colts!

Anna Larson said...

Nice He's really good looking.

Anonymous said...

He's adorable! Mama is very pretty too.

jane augenstein said...

Cute baby! I'm not good at names so I don't have any pointers there! LOL
I too love Appies, nothing like 'em!
Think I'll paint some app spots on Gil's big ole' butt!!!!

Leah said...

What a gorgeous little gem! or I should say handsome!

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

What a cutie and he's sure keeping his Mama busy running after him, too. hehe!

A name popped into my head:


Get it? Are then you ready?

His barn name could be Ready! lol!


cdncowgirl said...

I love names. Sometimes I just browse through ads to see the registered names. Not sure what kind of requirements/limitations there are to this guy's registered name but what about:
O Thatsclassic Sun

Cuz it already seems like the little man will be getting into the kind of trouble/mischeviousness that could be referred to as "classic" and the Sun part spelled with a 'u' to reflect momma's name but said aloud sounds like SON.

Unknown said...

Names are so hard. Perhaps if he's so friendly he could be Ambassador.

But that's a really terrible car too.

So cute!!! Give him a squeeze from Aunty Winter.

BrownEyed Cowgirl said...

What a leggie little man...and colorful.

Luckily for us, we are started on a new generation and a "gun" theme going-LOL. So the names are coming pretty easily.

Good luck on coming up with something that fits the little dude to a T.

Leah Fry said...

Thanks for all the great suggestions. I'll pass them along.

Nuzzling Muzzles said...

I just love those gangly legs.

City girl turned Country Girl said...

OH gosh NAMES!! You know how horrible I am with names so I totally feel your guys' pain LOL!! He is SOO cute!!! I love that he is friendly, nothing better than a lovable foal!!

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