Monday, March 29, 2010

Old Silverback

I set out to finish what I started.
Look at the photos from the last post
to see the difference in color
between woolly and clipped.

Mr. Fry and I call him
the old silverback.

Isn't that sweet?
There's Pokey dots under
that hairy white sock.

The job still isn't done.
His belly and face aren't clipped,
and he needs touched up all over.
Clippers ran out of juice for the
second time and I was out of juice myself.

While I waited for the clipper
batteries to charge the first time,
I dragged tree limbs Mr. Fry had cut
to the burn pile.
From whence came all this ambition?

There's a lot you can say about Poco,
but he was patient for a very long time.
I knew it was time to stop when
he untied himself and walked away.

Yes, of course I caught him and made him
stand there until I said he could go.

As much time and energy as that took,
I will not do it again.

But he sure is pretty in the meantime.

A shower never felt so good
and beer never tasted so good.


Cactus Jack Splash said...

Very pretty boy all clipped up

Esther Garvi said...

Beautiful boy now!!!

Mrs. Mom said...

Nice haircut there girl! Don't ya love this time of year? It's the only time when we girls get a hairy chest! (Sorry... I know.. that was bad...)

Hey- shoot me an email if you don't mind? Your comment on the other day's hoof post has been stewing in my brain, and I'd like to help out however I can.

Hooves and horses are a journey, and a never ending education of some sort (of which you know all too well there!!) If I can help in posts and emails sort out hoof stuff for you, (a private tutorial mayhap?) I'm more than happy to do so. Just say the word! ;)

Meantime, BIG rubs to those two beautiful boys of yours!

AareneX said...

Hey, you're really good at clipping! I wish you'd been around when I clipped Fiddle. It was...doubleplusunpretty.

Pokey dots. Love it.

Paint Girl said...

Pokey looks so pretty!! Body clipping is quite the chore. It sure makes for sore and achy muscles when the job is done! But I think the results are well worth it!! I rode Brandy yesterday and grooming time was cut down drastically!

Unknown said...

Wow. And I was all excited about doing my first bridle path.


What an amazing color under there!

Pony Girl said...

He looks great! Glad you gave it a go! I had to blanket My Boy tonight. We are getting lots of rain and I need to keep his back dry, he stands in the rain and I don't want him to get rain rot. It's also windy and cold around these parts right. Where did spring go?

lytha said...

wow, he looks beautiful! and i love his mane.

i've been thinking about (and praying for) jaz all day - how is he?


aurora said...

Looking good! Had to laugh, he was done & untied himself. Not funny, I know - but I got a chuckle out of his royal cuteness.

Unknown said...

Ummm... yeah. I still a very thick coat of winter hair I am dealing with....

But I love see your slick coats and nice a longing depressed sort of way....sigh....

Need "nice" spring weather stat!

Laughing Orca Ranch said...! The likeness between the gorilla and Poco cracked me up...*snort*!

Of course, Poco is quite handsome with his new trim. Wow! He looks like a show pony!

I don't dare clip Apache. We've gotten snow and hail all the way into late May up here.


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