Sunday, March 27, 2011

Alive, Well, and ... Lazy

The last few weeks at work have been intense. I've been working on a video project that is logistically challenging, to say the least. The script was finally approved last week, and distributed to the cast and crew. Filming is Monday through Wednesday of the coming week. I'll be so glad when we're done and it's in post production. That won't be the end of it, but the worst will be over. Or so I hope.

Temps dropped from the mid 80s to the upper 50s, and while not technically cold, it's grey and drizzly and feels a lot colder than it actually is. I'm bundled up in sweats and being a total spud. I don't even know if there was a pony play day today at Iron Ridge.

The Boyz are doing well. My friends keep teasing me that I have a pregnant gelding. That's because after spending most of his life scrawny, Jaz is (ahem) well-rounded, shall we say? He is getting back into shape, and is a much more comfortable ride at this weight than he is when he's narrower. I'm keeping an eye on his feet, but he keeps getting good reports from the vet and farrier, so I'm not too worried.

Daltrey continues to astound me with how tall he's getting. One of the SCAers took some photos last weekend and check this out. My goodness, he's just a yearling!

What did you do this weekend?


BrownEyed Cowgirl said...

(what did you do this weekend?)...As little as possible! LOL

I'm blaming my lack of ambition this last week on the SuperMoon and it's after affects. (snort)

I did manage to get the house cleaned up and went through my closet today.

My horses are bored and ready to get back to doing something. Funny how they act like they could do without the daily riding, but after a couple of days off start acting bored and discontent, even when on pasture. Now that it's been several days off in a row, they are just plumb irritated. Guess it's time to force myself out of the funk and get back to it.

Sarah said...

Chris and I made it up to Heather's... and then stood in the back of the barn out of the mist and talked for a while, because it was cold, and... well... misting, and we'd all had crappy weeks. :)

Rising Rainbow said...

Lazy here too. The weather sucked so couldn't ride. Spent some time writing and went to lunch with friends. That was a nice treat.

Sherry Sikstrom said...

LAzy weekends all around, I guess we all need to relax now and then

Dreaming said...

I wish I could be lazy! We were pushing to get the wood floor in the house. ( and we finished all but the DR. Maybe today I can be lazy!!!
Good luck on the filming.

Unknown said...

My god, he's a moose.

Apparently you sent me all the activities to do. I covered enough ground for both of us including TWO blown trailer tires, nearly running into my daughter on my green boy who won't turn and ranch sorting.

Whew. Next weekend it's your turn.

Morning Bray Farm said...

You're entitled to a lazy weekend/day every now and then. :) So glad to see that the boys are happy and healthy.

Good luck with your video!

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Good to hear from you, Leah. I do the same thing when it's grey and dreary outside (we haven't done drizzly since last August, though). I enjoy being a spud sometimes. hehe!

What did I do last weekend? I carved a couple stamps for letterboxing, went on a hike in the forest, read books to my daughter, played a video game with my sons, trimmed some goat hooves, played some games with my llamas, worked on trailering with Apache and just hung out in the paddock with her.
Seems like a lot now, but I didn;t feel like I was doing anything at all. lol!

If Daltrey keeps growing, your going to see if he can get on with the Anheiser Busch Clydesdales when he's older! lol!


aurora said...

Nice pic, Daltry looks great! Other then working on our trainers website, I did lots of nada.

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