Wednesday, March 2, 2011

To Infinity & Beyond!

Thanks to all who left such kind, supportive comments on my last post. I reread them several times in the first couple days when I needed a lift.

Coming to the decision to put Poco up for sale was a lot harder and more stressful than actually following through with it, although I honestly had no idea it was going to work out the way it did. Since he had already been up there for several weeks, I did not have the trauma of having to gather his stuff, load him up, and either drop him off or kiss him good-bye before he was whisked off. I left my phone at Iron Ridge on Sunday, so had to go up there Monday after work to fetch it. I thought I might get weepy seeing him, but I didn't. I'm so used to having my horses up there, some of theirs down here, etc., that it felt pretty normal to me. He was every bit the suck-up cookie monster he always is, so it all felt the same. He's not really gone, and that does make a big difference. No tears.

You know how some people are suited to the rigid structure of military life?  That describes Poco's need for the more structured routine at Iron Ridge. He needs to be accountable every minute. Heather's been purposely controlling with whom he gets to share a paddock to make sure he's kept in his place. He may not like it, but it's what's best for him.

There are no hard feelings. Poco and I are even. We learned a lot from each other and are now on to the next and best place for us. I don’t have the ability to take him further and he doesn’t have the temperament to take me further. It’s like any relationship that’s run its course. Time to move on. No hard feelings at all.

The truth is, I feel more optimistic about my horse experience than I have in a long time. There was always a certain amount of feeling obligated to ride Poco. I knew that the longer I procrastinated, the worse it would be. When I rode him, it was all about attempting to maintain control and not eat dirt. I can hardly wait for the weekend to ride. Jaz will help me become a better rider, and when I'm ready, he'll step us up to the next level, and we'll have fun doing it. I'm excited again!

I will always love my Wildman Rockstar, but I am done with bad boys of any species.


Anonymous said...

Sometimes you have to let go to move on - I found that with Maisie. Seems to me like a good decision, particularly since he ended up nearby and in a good place.

Pinzgauer said...

Well, I learned something about him. He's all into that dominatrix type stuff! A little S&M maybe?

I tell that bad boy what to do, and he LOVES it. I will say he's a heavy ride, heavy on the bit, takes a ton of leg and seat, but he thrilled by the challenge and seems to be..... thriving on it. It's like a high to him. I push him too hard, he tries to meet it, and gets a "good man!" and then he wants more.

Our next challenge, listening to whispers (quiet aids).

Cathy said...

Sounds like, by sheer accident, the break was made before you knew it was the break. And it seems to me that saying goodbye isn't even required. You've been a rock for your rock star. Keep on keepin' on, my friend.

Chelsi said...

I left this for you the other day but just realized it isnt there... luckily I had it in my e-mail drafts still (I do that for long comments because I loose them so often:)

First, glad to have given you a little chuckle, I guess it did come at a good time. I want to echo Mrs. Mom's sentiments in that I too believe horses (like people) come and go in our lives for a reason and that each of them leave their mark for the good and for the bad. There is a remarkable difference between washing your hands of a horse (so to speak) and finding a home that will appreciate that horse even more than you were able to. I've sold a horse to get rid of one and I've sold a horse to wonderful people who kept in touch... there is no comparison between the two... one still haunts me and the other (even though I was VERY attached to that horse) was shockingly easy because it didn't feel like a goodbye at all. You did the best thing for both you and Poco and I think that is highly commendable. Your heart and mind can rest easy, all is well that ends well, my friend:)

Sherry Sikstrom said...

Sounds like the perfect closing to that chapter. Onwards and upwards for the both of you

cdncowgirl said...

I could NOT read the post title without Buzz's voice in my head lol

Crystal said...

haha I thought of toy Story as well! Seems like you are okay with the decision, even though its hard.

Desert Rose said...

Even is always a good way to end a relationship like yours and Poco's...sounds like you are both going to a better place!

Rising Rainbow said...

I don't know what it is with us, women, and bad boys. Seems like most of us are drawn to them but all they do is cause of grief. I'm with you in moving on and leaving those bad boys behind. It sure does make like simplier and a lot more fun.

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