Friday, March 4, 2011

Walk Like An Egyptian

An Egyptian Arabian, that is.

I took off from work today for the sole purpose of riding my sweet Jazu. I had hoped to ride at Iron Ridge, but Heather had client horses to work. Down the road we went. Okay, so it's not quite to infinity and beyond, but todo es bueno.
 Handsome pony saddled — check.
 Doofus boy distracted — check.
 Open road ahead — check.

And we're off!
 Jaz found a second honey hole
about halfway down the road.
 "Yum. I shall recommend this eatery to all my friends."
 Oh no! A horse-eating tire at the
edge of the original honey hole.
(That's our place across the road)
But the siren call of this lovely green
wins out over any obstacle.

The best part about the ride?


Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Hooray for no Egyptian Drama Queens!

That's the way all rides should be. You're not going to get bored, though, are you?

hee hee!

Dreaming said...

How great to have a drama-free ride, even with horse-eating tires!

Cactus Jack Splash said...

That is wonderful! I am glad you had a good ride.

AareneX said...

yay, yay, yay, yay, yay!

Paint Girl said...

That is sounds like a wonderful ride! I miss those kind of rides! It's been awhile since I've been able to ride, and when I do ride, I don't get those relaxing ones very often!

Desert Rose said...

How great for you!!! nothing is better than a ride where you can just let go and enjoy!

cdncowgirl said...

That sounds like a heckuva way to spend the day :)

Leah Fry said...

Boring = good in my book :-)

Rising Rainbow said...

I'm glad you had a nice, pleasurable ride. Very cool! and good for Jazz!

Fantastyk Voyager said...

It's good to have boring rides sometimes. I got my little Egyptian Arabian too. Nadia. She just struts her stuff when we go out trail riding.

Crystal said...

Yaaah, no drama is what all rides should be like!!

Morning Bray Farm said...

Looks and sounds like perfection to me. Good for you and for Jazu. :)

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