Sunday, July 12, 2009

Virtual Trail Ride

I am riding my noble steed, Jaz,
as we travel a crooked path eastward
from New Mexico into West Texas.

You'll see lots of this.

And this.

And this.

Hopefully, not this.

Does Ft. Worth ever cross your mind?

The lights of Big D.

Dallas mascot.

I am closer to the Oklahoma
border than I am to Dallas or Ft. Worth.

Most people are surprised at how
green and wide open far North Texas is.

Look how nice and wide the shoulders are.
Your horse's feet will thank you.

In places, there's shade and grazing
on the sides of the road.


Typical properties

A side of Lake Ray Roberts I haven't shown you before.
Unfortunately, you can't ride on the shore,
at least, not here.

Another typical property.

A roadrunner on our fence

I'll get the gate for you.

Tack down and we'll grain your horses
before you let them go.
There's grazing, shade,
water, and a round bale out back.

Now for you!

C'mon in.

Chips, salsa, guacamole?

Ice cold Coronas
with fresh lime?

Or would you prefer frozen margaritas?

I'll have a big pot of pinto beans.

And fried bean and cheese burritos,
if my son doesn't hear about them
and eat them all first.

Fresh, homemade tamales.

And for dessert, sopapillas — YUM!

A shower will feel
pretty good about now.

Flip a coin to see who gets the guest room.
It's a queen bed, if you don't mind sharing.
Everybody else, grab a sofa,
chair, or the floor.

Sleep well.
I'll fix breakfast before we
hit the trail again tomorrow.

Y'all come back.


Chelsi said...

Thanks for the ride. I Love the quilt in the guest bedroom! The country there is so pretty... it is weird to think that your friend up here in Canada once owned a horse that lived not far from you. Too bad I didnt "know" you then, it would have been nice to know there was someone near by! By DB actually lived in Dallas for a few years and has family there. We've never been have planned on going for years now. Maybe one day we'll make it!

I have never had those dessert things you mentioned...what's in'em?

Leah Fry said...


Sopapillas are flash fried bits of dough or you can make them with flour tortillas. They puff up and are dusted with sugar and cinnamon. Tear them open and drizzle honey in the pocket. Really wonderful.

I'm about 60 miles north of Dallas. Let us know if you ever make it down!


Anonymous said...

The food was really making me hungry! Thanks for the virtual ride!

Paint Girl said...

Lovin' the food! Looks so delish!
It is very beautiful there!

AareneX said...

What a beautiful part of the world you ride in, Leah. Thanks for sharing it with us.

Now I just gotta wipe the drool out of the computer keyboard. The tamales look like heaven!!!!

Unknown said...

Holy smokes those are some nice food shots!

And I enjoyed the other pictures too.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Forget the trail ride. Can I just come over for the delicious grub, refreshing drinks and cozy bed (with the cuddly bear on it, too) and friendly hospitality?

You sure know how to make folks feel welcome, Leah.
Thanks for the sneak peek. :)


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