Monday, July 6, 2009

You Get What You Need

This weekend didn't turn out the way I thought it would. However, I believe things always unfold the way they should, and that we get what we need, if not what (we think) we want.

Thursday night, the AC went out. Of course it did. We're in the midst of triple digit temps. I forgot how quickly the heat drains one of any and all energy. Mr. Fry was able to contact the AC firm that installed the unit nine years ago, and they agreed to come sometime Friday. Meanwhile, I kept the house closed up, made sure all ceiling fans were on high, and brought out the powerful floor fans we have, which Mr. Fry calls the 'tornado fans'. I parked in a comfy chair under a ceiling fan, a couple feet from a tornado fan, watching nothing on TV, dozing occasionally. The guy made it around 4 p.m. Thank you, God, that it was the fan motor and not the compressor. Still expensive, but it was hundreds, not thousands of dollars.

The temps outside were so oppressive, I stayed in as much as possible. I did some minor chores, but mostly just messed around on the computer and watched a bunch of nothing on TV while Mike slept. The horses were so miserable, they didn't want to be bothered, and stayed in the shade. They welcomed cool treats like watermelon.

Martha and I got an early start on the 4th, as we headed out to Home Depot in Gainesville. Martha charmed everyone. I left a little money in the local economy: got some chicken wire to put around the bottom of the fence to keep Martha in, a hose, and a couple cheap sprinklers. Mike keeps running over them with the tractor.

There sure were a lot of yayhoos with fireworks and guns this year. The horses did their best to find a place to wait it out, but it was all around us. You could smell the black powder the second you walked outside. Chula and Martha were beside themselves. We couldn't even get them outside to potty.

Yesterday (Sunday), we enjoyed a Texas rarity — the most lovely soaking rain in July! We got 1.25" of rain, and it stayed cloudy and cooler (in the 80s, I think) all day. Another lazy day with a tiny dog on my lap, watching nothing on TV, playing computer Scrabble.

Cindi aka Ratweasel

Martha, Ratweasel-in-Training

I have today off and have a vet appt. for Martha this morning. She needs her stitches removed from being spayed, and I want my vet to look at her. Her eyes run all the time and she has breath that would stop a train (just like Cindi). As soon as I get her home, she's getting a bath. Stinkin' little dog.

If temps remain cooler today, I may groom my snotty ponies. Nothing involving water, though, since it's still a muddy/sandy mess.

Hope y'all had a great weekend.

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cdncowgirl said...

I've noticed a lot of little dogs have horrid breath. They seem to need more dental care.
Hope there's nothing seriously amiss with Martha's eyes or teeth.

Leah Fry said...

Vet says it's allergies. I'd like to try and calm it by methods other than antihistamines. I also think that once her little hormones calm down post spay, it may help.

Sure is a little lover. And she has her priorities straight: she loves her some mama.

Chelsi said...

Awwww Leah, so happy to hear that you new pup is working out for you. She looks like a doll. Hawky has allergies too and they are sooo hard to deal with...I keep trying and trying but nothing seems to work. I hope you have better luck with Martha. I cant stand the heat and would have just melted if i were in your shoes.

the7msn said...

1.25"! That's terrific. Curious about what channel is on when you watch nothing on tv. I either watch RFD-TV-nothing or HGTV-nothing.

How interesting that the bad doggie breath is from allergies. My vet recommended a micro-algae supplement called Spirulina for Lyle's allergies. It seems to help him alot - available from

Paint Girl said...

I hear you about the heat! We weren't in triple digits like you, but close! Hot! I am sure you enjoyed the rain, we are back to rain today, for the first time in a month. It is so refreshing!
Hope Martha's eye's get better! She is sure a cutie.

Leah Fry said...

Eyes and itchy skin are allergies. Teeth are probably from a diet of wet food. We'll need to brushy her teeth and maybe do a teeth cleaning procedure. We'll see what we can do before I spent $175 to have her teeth cleaned!

SERIOUSLY disgusting breath. And she's one of those dogs that licks constantly, so she smells like stinky feet and you can just imagine what her breath smells like.

cowgirljlynn said...

Sounds like you had a relaxing weekend! We did too!

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Cute pooches. I can't imagine triple digit temps with no A/C! Poor you! We had some of that in South Carolina when we lived there. Don't miss the humidity and heat thank you!
Up here in our mountains, we've yet to even turn on our Evaporative Cooler (Swamp Cooler) and probably won't have to. It's been in the 80's during the day, but it's only really hot between 1-3pm, and then we just keep the blinds closed, ceiling fans on, windows open for cross-ventilation and stay inside or under a porch with a cool drink.
By evening, we're back to sweater weather. lol!

I spent the weekend with a Japanese Chin on my lap. What a sweet little dog. Val is making me want to adopt a small lap dog for myself now!



AareneX said...

Ooooh, I wish you could visit us here while your AC is broken--we have comfortable temps in the high 60's, and had a light sprinkle of rain this morning to keep the dust down.

I think your ratdogs are great.

See you at the Virtual Trail Ride!

Anonymous said...

ah yes sometimes slow down to go faster


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