Sunday, March 21, 2010

Partly Snowy With a Chance of Spring

Snow on the first day of spring
that hung around until
the second day of spring.

Where do I live again??

Snow drifted against
my office window ...

... the same window that was open,
allowing Leeloo to sun herself
just last weekend.

Who is that masked figure?

Why, it's Jorge,
our favorite Day of the Dead icon.

Poco, if she was going to give us something,
she'd have done it already.

No cookies. No carrots. No apples. No beer.
We go.

Mama, you know you'd rather
be inside with me on your lap anyway.
I'm the baby, gotta love me.


AareneX said...

Ah, h*llfire. I thought y'all were ahead of US on the trail to springtime!!!

How much sn*w did you get, anyhow? Your cactus looks buried, but the pasture only looks dusted!

Bah. Keep it down there, okay? We really don't need it here!!!

Laura said...

Ugh snow??? Just for the record - snow in Texas and no snow in Ottawa Canada! :-)

Hope it melted fast and you are back to your normal weather!

Sir Darby said...

Just wrong to have snow the first day of spring

Unknown said...

How crazy is that?

Just think of it as mosquito killer.


City girl turned Country Girl said...

I know, snow!!! What the crap?! Luckily ours was gone by mid-day Sunday...Hard to believe that just a few days ago you were giving horsey baths!! I know you'll be warmed up soon!!

lytha said...

best post title ever!

we're all afraid to hope, aren't we?


Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Jorge looks cold. But of course, he's already dead. lol!

That last picture is too stinkin' cute. Dobbie is the same way. She'd rather be tucked up with me than anywhere else. And she wants to me to stop moving around and sit with her all the time. Who am I to argue?
I think dogs are often smarter than humans anyway.

Snow in Texas. Weird. And I always think it's interesting how many folks who live in Texas have the Lone Stars on their houses, yards, gates...just about everything. Texans are very proud.

I was born in Texas, but didn't grow up there, so it didn't stick with me.


Once Upon an Equine said...

Clever post title. Ahh Spring. Ugh Spring. A big spring snowstorm is raging in the Rockies as I type this. Love the snow covered cacti.

Michelle said...

Love the photos. I can't believe you're still getting snow! Holy cow!

Desert Rose said...

I just can not imagine the waether you have had this year!!! of can't imagine mine either! LOL

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