Saturday, March 6, 2010

Sunless Saturday

It didn't rain, but it was an ugly day nonetheless. The forecast said 'partly cloudy' but there was no 'partly' about it. It was warm enough for jeans and a short-sleeve tee, so I can't complain too loudly.

I did my indoor chores this morning, then went out to spend time with the Boyz. I was unable to muster any enthusiasm to ride, so they had a much needed grooming session that lasted close to 3 hours. I didn't take my camera outside, preferring instead to remain in the moment.
Most importantly, they got their March dewormer — a double dose of Exodus (pyrantel pamoate). They didn't like the first one, so it took lots of cookies to get the second one down, but the job is done. I had intended to buy the generic, but it was on backorder. Exodus was $1 more a tube, but I figured it might be worth it, since it's apple flavored. We didn't lose any, so that's gotta be worth something.

They got brushed with every implement I have, faces and docks washed, feet picked, hooves oiled, insect repellent applied, manes and tails treated with MTG, and sheaths cleaned. Jaz has a few spots of rain rot that I treated with MicroTek. They were good, as always, so they got their half flake apiece of alfalfa a little early today.

A few weeks ago, I got a flyer in the mail from Arbico Organics with a great deal on Fly Eliminators, their brand of the gnat-sized wasps that eat fly larvae. We don't have a really bad fly problem since there are just the two horses and no other horses or cattle directly adjacent to us, but who wouldn't want less flies? I got the high-powered program, which they say to do if your method of manure management is 'relaxed.' Um, yeah, that's one way to describe what we do: drag a harrows over it every couple months. I think I get a shipment every 3 weeks, and 2 double shipments; one in June and one in August. Per their recommendation, I also got a solar fly trap that attracts and kills adult flies. Don't know yet where I'll put it, but definitely close to where they eat and where I groom them (unless the destructions say otherwise). Since both those things take place close to the house, I'm sure that will be a big help keeping them out of the house. If you've ever used these (or Fly Predators), I'd like to hear about your experience.

I'm off from work Monday and Tuesday. My youngest brother, his wife, and their college-age twin daughters are in town to do some early wedding planning for their other daughter (my son's age), who lives here and is planning a Halloween wedding. They are coming up here on Monday. Wouldn't you know it, it's supposed to rain tomorrow and Monday? I'm just praying it holds off until Monday night, but it's not looking good already. Oh well. We'll make fajitas and copious amounts of margaritas and all will be well.

Hope you're having a great weekend. Don't forget to smooch your ponies.


Jeni said...

Sometimes a good groom session is better then a ride.

Have a good rest of the weekend.

Mrs. Mom said...

Have a margarita for me please. Or two.

I'm betting by the end of the weekend here, I'll need *something* along those lines.

Big rubs to the very clean and fine looking ponies from me!

Unknown said...

It has become cloudy over here, I guess the clouds drifted.

Sometimes brushing and grooming is more relaxing that riding. Especially early in the season.

I knew one place that used fly predators - they had 0 flies. amazing.

the7msn said...

I used fly predators on my 2-acre ranchette, when I had two horses, two goats, a pig, and a couple of chickens. While I still always had some flies, the population greatly diminished and they were totally worth whatever I spent on them.

AareneX said...

New award for you on my blog!

Paint Girl said...

I used fly predators for the first time last year. They reduced the fly population a LOT, until August. But we had a really hot summer, and I don't think much will kill flies at that point. But I am getting them again. I totally believe they are worth it, at least we can be fly free for most of the summer!! I think you will really like them.
Glad you got out to groom your horses! I have been wanting to try MTG on my horses, although we have used it on the horses at the farm, it was really greasy. Does it really work?

Leah Fry said...

PG, yes, MTG works, It's one product I always have around. I always get a hankering for a BLT after smelling it, though :-)

Laura said...

Glad you had a nice grooming session with those boys of yours! I tried MTG once, but the smell just makes me gag!

I wish my barn owner would try the fly predators and/or the fly catcher thingy - her barn is just loaded with thing I don't like about the place. She also never harrows the pastures... :-(

Oh, to have my own place one day!

Hope you have fun with your family - have an extra marg. for me!

BrownEyed Cowgirl said...

We have used the fly predators for several years now and have definitely noticed a reduced fly population. I dump mine in the manure pile.

I messed up the first year and put them in the barn, but since I kept cleaning out the barn, I kept removing the fly predators...DUH-LOL.

I have also used several of the fly attractors and traps, but found the best place to put them is AWAY from the barn and where I work with the horses. Because the attract adult flies, you end up with more flies bothering you if you place them in the areas where you with the horses.

Ohhh...and My Honey says he is very interested in Mr. Fry's '67 Chevelle. Drop me a line with the details(and photos if you have them). Maybe we'll be making a trip to TX.;)

fast_draw45 at

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Rain...bleh! I had to ride in the rain today. Thankfully no buckets were being poured, just spitting rain mostly.

Twin daughters? Yay! Love them twinners!
Halloween wedding? Are they planning on doing it themed for Halloween, too? I'd love to attend a Halloween wedding one day. How cool!

Spa Day for the ponies? Did they roll in the mud afterwards? All in the name of a mud facial, of course. hehe!

I love me some margaritas and fajitas. Yummers!



City girl turned Country Girl said...

Awesome!! SO do you have the energy left to come do all that to my horses LOL!! They are loving you I'm sure, being treated with such royalty!!

I have used Fly Predators in the past, my issue was my horses are spread into 2 different pastures on each end of my property so I couldn't really find a good place to out them!! I definitely will try them again!! But maybe this year I will try the ones your trying!

Trailboss said...

We finally had a decent weekend in west kentucky. I was able to spend time outside lovin my my mare.

♥Frann♥ said...

Lovely site yours,Congrats!..and a нαρρу ωσмαи'ѕ dαу тσ αℓℓ нєяє =D

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