Monday, March 1, 2010

Saved From Myself

Wow, a whole weekend without rain. I was feeling the effects of having ridden both horses on Saturday, but decided to take Jaz out again Sunday just on general principles.

We usually ride down our little paved road, but I decided yesterday to take him down the highway that runs on one side of our property. It's paved, 2 lanes and the main east-west thoroughfare in these parts. It's busy, by country standards.

This photo, taken last summer for Aarene's Virtual Trail Ride, shows the probably 20 ft. easements on either side. This barn is several miles down the road, and as you can see there's plenty of room to ride. It was where I'd hoped to turn around and head back.

I walked Jaz across the highway and hopped on. As wonderful as Jaz is, he can be a little toot some days, yesterday being one. With all the rain we've had, I knew the ground wasn't totally dry and there were thin rivulets in low lying areas. Mr. Prissy Feet hates getting his feet wet. He danced, we spun. I kept turning him around and urging him forward.

We went a few hundred yards and he stopped and planted himself. Directly in front of us was a large culvert, which looked weird head-on. I got down, figuring that's what was bothering him, and I would lead him past it. I stepped in front of him and started sinking fast. It was still a lot squishier than I thought, as in dangerously so. Jaz could have easily broken a leg in that ooze. We backed out of it, I got on, we crossed the highway, and rode back down our boring old road.

Thank you, my sweet Jazu, for having sense enough for us both.


Unknown said...

Way to go Jaz!

(Course, just when you feel like they have a 6th sense, there's Cibolo, convinced that the muck monster is EVERYWHERE.)

Glad you got a good, safe ride in!

Cactus Jack Splash said...

That is one smart horse. Great job taking care of your mom Jaz!

West Side of Straight said...

Our horses aren't dumb! They truely do have a 6th sense. Glad you had a safe ride.

cdncowgirl said...

Good on Jaz for keeping you both safe.

I had a paint mare that was prissy about mud too. That is a tough challenge to work through!

Desert Rose said...

Great call Jazz! and good for you mom for listening to himand not trying to force him through it!!!

Laura said...

Glad you had a safe ride - Jaz's prissiness worked out for you that day!

Once Upon an Equine said...

So glad you found that sinking part before Jaz did. We've got some really soggy places on our bridle path and it becomes impassable with much rain or snow melt. Right now, it is a frozen mess and very dangerous. Good boy Jaz!

AareneX said...

Yay for smart horses!

Jeni said...

I find it amazing that they listen to their instincts even when we don't. I had a similar experience riding Bonnie alone in the woods about 30 minutes from any house. She absolutely refused to leave an open space and cross a small ditch with a tree canopy. Refused bad - rearing and everything. Sudden wind gust (not hard) came through and branch about 3 feet in diameter came crashing down where we would have been walking through. I suddenly felt horrid because I thought she was just being stubborn.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Good boy for taking care of both of you!


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