Saturday, December 20, 2008

The Best Laid Plans

"The best laid plans of mice and men often go awry."
— Robert Burns

I started early this morning, bringing tack and grooming items outside.
My friend Nita and I planned to ride here today, she on Jaz and I on Pokey. Although it started out ugly and overcast, the temperature was pretty nice and there was no wind. I got everything outside and ready, then came back inside to putter and wait for Nita's call. If we ever reached today's supposed high of 68°, it was for a brief moment when I wasn't paying attention. The cold front that was originally scheduled to hit this evening appeared much earlier than predicted. It got cold and windy quickly. Just about the time I mentioned to Mike that Nita and I probably missed our window of opportunity, Nita called and made it official. So I had to schlep everything back inside.

Earlier, I switched out the girth Sergeant's had given me with the saddle with a fleece one, and replaced the standard leather strop cinch with an It's A Cinch Pro. I have both on my other saddle, and really like them. These two items were the last things I needed to have both saddles outfitted just the way I wanted. Now, if someone comes and wants to ride, I don't have to spend time switching out and readjusting tack. Each horse has tack that fits and is adjusted specifically for them.

I couldn't understand why the old saddle was so dirty. Then, I remembered I had taken it to Heather's, covering it with a big blanket to protect it, since their tack room is not completely enclosed. Man, everything gets so dusty out there. Anyway, when I brought my stuff home, I had just shaken out the blanket and not laundered it. So that got washed today. I conditioned both saddles. After the fenders on the new one were damp with conditioner, I worked with them, twisting and torquing, to get the nice, soft arc around my leg. I store both saddles with a dowel through the stirrups to encourage them to remain perpendicular to the saddle.

I prepped the horses' buckets for an early feeding. Mike had promised to help get their blankets on them. Poco was no problem, but as usual, Jaz fussed, backed up, tried to leave, and we ended up needing a lead rope. All the time Jaz was acting up, Poco was in the shed, munching away. When we finally got Jaz's blanket on him, I put his food in his pan and walked the 4-6 steps to get them some hay out of the back of the trailer. I cannot believe the audacity of my Appaloosa, as he walked right in front of me, ears back, pushed Jaz out of the way, and started eating his food. Now, I know this is just what horses do, but to cut me off trying to get there? Dude! I shooed him, and before I could even turn around, he did it again. I made myself very big, stalked toward him in my most predator-like manner, forcing him to back away as I growled
in my most threatening voice, "DON'T. YOU. DARE." In truth, this has been building for almost a week. Just part of Poco's normal bi-polar disorder. He's been toeing the line pretty well since our last go-round this summer. We do this Dance of Dominance 3-4 times a year.

Not a lot going on other than that. I'm just playing on the computer, watching Christmas movies. I'm hoping tomorrow won't be windy, even if it's cold. I don't mind bundling up a little, but Nita probably won't show if it's still this cold. If she comes, we'll take both Boyz out. If she doesn't, I'll force Poco to face his herd-bound issues again and maybe take Jaz on a real ride. Maybe I'll call the guy across the road with the hundred acres and see if he'll let me ride over there.

Stay warm, y'all.


cdncowgirl said...

I really appreciate having specific tack for each horse. Makes it all no fuss, no muss, no adjusting and fiddling when you want to get them ready.

Chuck Bartok said...

Great Ideas.

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Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Having only one horse makes the tack situation less complicated I suppose.
Funny how your riding plans still ended up with spending time doing horse stuff. And got lots done, too. Good for you.

I keep an old 1x2 across my stirrups to keep them facing the right way, like you do with yours. One of the best things I do with my tack. Makes it simple just to mount and stick your feet into the stirrups without having to reach down with hands to adjust them.
I don't understand why everyone doesn't do that, too. lol!

Good for you reminding Poco who's the boss herd leader. Pretty cocky of him to just cut you off like that and take control of Jaz, after you fed him.

Naughty boy. So, did you end up riding or what??
I want to see some riding photos and hear all about some riding.
Now that I'm bed-bound and not able to ride for a long while, I need to live vicariously through those that can still hop up in the saddle :)

New Mexico

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