Sunday, December 14, 2008

Sinner's Sunday

It was definitely Sinner's Sunday at the Church of the Divine Walkabout. It was a beautiful day with high temps of around 76°F with a light wind. I tacked Poco up in his new saddle to test the fit for both of us. And it's a winner. I'm so glad I found one with a wide tree.
My handsome little tank. The Galloping Barcalounger.

This is the headstall I got after they discovered I had been overcharged for the original saddle but I had to take the difference in merchandise rather than a refund. Under normal cirmcumstances, I would never have paid $99 for a bridle. Not surprisingly, it barely fits his fat head. The throat latch is on the loosest notch, but the leather is so nice and supple, it already fit better by the end of the ride.

I'm not a barrel racer (ha!), but I still really liked the bridle. Unless you look closely, you can't tell that's what the conchos are anyway. And I remembered to turn the flash off before trying to take pix this close! I know it creeps some people out, but I love the mottling around his eyes and the white sclera.

OK, so we were stylin'. Well, he was anyway. I was my usual slob self. It was such a gorgeous day, we walked out the front gate.


Without Jaz.


We started off pretty well until we got to the next property and Jaz called out. Now, that pissed me off, because when I take Jaz out, it doesn't matter if Poco is screaming his head off, Jaz never calls back. And Poco immediately started fighting me. He stopped. He planted himself. He danced. He backed up. He tossed his head. He zigged when I wanted to zag.
He is his own worst enemy and had himself completely in a dither. Pat on the back for me for remaining totally calm and in control.

Whatever he wanted, I made him do the exact opposite. We ended up doing a lot of tight little circles. We'd take a couple steps forward (and further away from home and Jaz) and it would start again. He wanted to turn around and come home. I'd ask, ask again, tap him with the crop. When he finally gave in and we were toodling right along in the direction I wanted to go with no guff about it, I turned him around and we came back. He wanted to gallop or lope. I held him to a trot or walk.
He was soaked with sweat even though we couldn't have been gone more than 20 minutes and didn't cover much distance at all. He hung around even after he was tacked down, brushed and turned loose: "Tell me what a good boy I was again. I was a good boy, right?" I shared a Dr. Pepper with him. He even hung around while I conditioned the saddle and put everything away.

It's going to take a lot of patience and pushing him a bit further each time I take him out by himself.

Glad I got this ride in today. The wind has picked up again and it's supposed to be down into the 30s tonight and tomorrow.


Tammy Vasa said...

Enjoy your new saddle, Leah. I had a Tucker for years and just recently sold it to a friend. I started riding in a TexTan flex tree and felt it fit my horse better and I liked it. Hated having an expensive Tucker sitting around not being used but just hope I don't regret it. I LOVED that saddle!

We had almost 60 degrees here in Nebraska on Saturday & then got the rug pulled out from under us with temperatures in the single digits yesterday. This morning it was -7!!!

I did get to ride on Saturday. Had a similar power struggle with my husband's mare - whom I rode first that day. She is not usually barn sour, but she hasn't been rode a lot lately & I was riding bareback, so I think she just thought she could see what she could get away with. I stayed in the middle, but felt it when I got back! Took my own mare out later that afternoon & it was pure bliss!

jacksonsgrrl said...

Hey there! I'm new to the blog scene here and since I'm in Texas I thought I'd give you a shout! I like your blog! I too am a first time horse owner (as an adult) and it has been educational to say the least! I grew up on a farm in Ohio and had OTT Thorougbreds and a pony and then moved to PA. I don't miss the cold at ALL! Guess who did all the barn chores in sub zero weather as a teenager? So give me a shout if you want!!!

ezra_pandora said...

Ooohhh, very nice saddle and bridle. It looks really good on him too. We used to have an appy with a really fat head too. My mare has such a small head, nothing seems to fit her either. Everything that's for "average" horses is too big and we have to use the tightest notches. Our older mare is the same with leaving, but it's not because she misses the other ones we are leaving behind, it's because she's MAD that only SHE has to do any work. lol But you didn't let him get away with it, so hopefully the fights will get less and less.

Cactus Jack Splash said...

Nice saddle and bridle. I wish we were having the teperatures that you are having.

cdncowgirl said...

Awww... Poco's new clothes look so good on him!

Good on ya for toughing it out and not letting him get away with acting like a goof.

76... with the wind chill here it was -44 C (I think that's close to -50 F)
Needless to say, I did NOT ride this weekend!! lol

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

The Galloping Barcalounger, indeed! lol!
He really is built like a tank, isn't he?

Good for you making Poco behave and just working through his sour behavior.
I hate it when other horses call to my horse and I hate it even more when my horse calls out when I'm riding her. I think it's very disrespectful when she should be paying attention only to me, not to other horses. Gotta nip that behavior in the bed when it happens.

Your new tack is gorgeous and looks great on Poco. lol!
I at first thought the picture was of an eagle until you zoomed in for a close-up. The headstall is beautiful.


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