Sunday, December 14, 2008

Tis' the Season ...

... to be joyful!
Yeehaw! I am buckin' for joy! I got 25 nice, clean, green bales of coastal for $4.50 each!
A great price for this time of year for decent hay. The Boyz had been eating on a round bale since October, but when we tried to get another one from our usual source, the guy had sold his entire last cut to one buyer. Bummer. This guy has the best hay, and he's right across the road. He had hoped for another cut, but we haven't had any rain. We were trying to decide if we wanted to another round bale or do square bales. We went to the feed store yesterday and that price sealed the deal.

I like the convenience of a round bale, but so much is wasted, more so in the wet winter weather than when it's as dry as it has been. I certainly got my $50 out of that round bale. I like that I can dole out flakes from the square bales and put it in the run-in shed (which they don't use unless there's food in it). They don't waste as much. The downside is that I have no barn, so my trailer has dual duty as hay storage. If I need or want to use the trailer, I've got to unload whatever's in it.

And horses ... go figure. There's hay in the shed and on the ground in several places. Which hay does Jaz want?

... to be ornery!
I went out to feed the horses last night and Poco came swaggering up to the grain locker, ears back and with "that look" in his eyes. I swear, that horse is bi-polar. He had been good; I haven't seen that ultra-snotty attitude since summer. Just this week, he's started acting really bossy again. That attitude pisses me off to no end, so I ran him off, which I've had to do several times this week already. He is not allowed to approach me in that disrespectful manner. He turned his back to us, but I could see his ears flicking wildly as I sweet-talked Jazu while I prepared their buckets. As a dear old friend of mine used to say, "Good on ya." I took a couple steps outside the shed to grab some hay from the trailer and in those few seconds, Poco had already run Jaz off his food. Jaz knows the game, so as soon as I chased Poco, Jaz came trotting back in to finish his meal. Poco then returned to his own bucket, but kept his eye on me and Jaz, looking for the next opportunity. Time to play cafeteria lady again for awhile.

... for changing weather!
It has been really, really windy. It's supposed to be warmer today and so far, it doesn't appear to be quite as windy as it has been. Still, they are calling for gusts of 35-40 — not good. I am hoping to get out with the Boyz later. I haven't tried Poco's new saddle yet and I'm pretty anxious. Depending on just how crazy he is today, I'd love to take him down the road, even if it's just a short distance. I'll probably start out in the round pen until I get the stirrups adjusted right, etc., then hope he's taken his Prozac so we can get out there and have some fun. Psycho pony. Even Mike remarked about "that look" in his eyes this morning.
Heather says I'm the only person she knows who would put up with him.

I guess I should give the big lug a little credit. Last time we went down the road with Nita and Jaz, Poco did really well. Even when he spooked at the 3 manic Labs (fenced), he didn't bolt, he just flinched hard, but stayed in place. At another point, 2 other doofy Labs followed us down the road, barking their fool heads off. I hate it when people let their dogs run loose!! Poco kept looking back at them, but remained calm and didn't fight me.
Big improvements noted there. It shows a little more trust in me and confidence in himself. Without Jaz is still another story altogether.

... to cook!
Our son and his wife and our niece and her boyfriend are coming for Christmas and I promised a Mexican fiesta. I have a pot of beans started this morning, part of which I'll freeze for fried burritos, my son's favorite. Also on the menu: Mr. Fry's fabulous chicken fajitas, homemade (not by me) tamales, chips, salsa, guacamole, and — of course — margaritas.

Back to work tomorrow. We've been so busy, the weeks have been flying by. Hopefully, things will calm down over the holiday season as many of the suits are off to their vacation homes. Don't hurry back, fellas.

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