Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Falling Down #1

Denton, TX

This was supposed to be a Wordless Wednesday, but there were words to be said.

I have always been fascinated with structures that have fallen into disrepair. There is a certain quiet grace to the slow decline and collapse that I find oddly compelling. I pass many such buildings on my commute every day, and my New Year's resolution is to photograph them. I do need a better camera to replace my near antique, but I can't afford it. I'm also not going to let that be an excuse not to do it.

Adding the PhotoShop sepia tone makes this a mood piece. This photo could have been taken yesterday or fifty years ago.

Merry Christmas, everyone. Don't forget to hug your ponies.


ezra_pandora said...

I love that picture and I echo your sentiments. We used to live in the country, and every day on the hour drive home from working in the city, it was so peacefull and relaxing seeing all the barns and old farm equipment in fields. Of course it's sad as well because it's a sign of the changing times, but it brings that quietness you said.

I LOVE messing around with changing colors on the pictures and stuff. It's so fun.

Chelsi said...

I LOVE that picture! If you can take pics like that with the camera you have, I wouldnt worry! I also love old structures that are falling down. I like to imagine all the things that happened there over the years, the people that lived in them or the events that happened around them. They also make me melancholly. Do you find that?

Look foward to seeing more.

cdncowgirl said...

There is a certain beauty in old structures. I should try to get a pic of the old barn I pass on my way to my mom's.
Its huge and there is pretty much nothing left there but the barn. I'd just have to pull over on the shoulder and snap.

Leah Fry said...

Thanks, guys. My camera is huge and heavy compared to what's out there now. It doesn't even fit in the cup holder on the console of my truck, that's how big it is. If I can ever afford a new one, I want one with an optical zoom, more storage, the ability to shoot short video and maybe even Bluetooth technology. The best thing I can say about this one is it's easy to use and it still works.

Unknown said...

Very nice photo!

I just love pictures of old barns!

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Ironic that you posted this the same day that I fell down off my horse.
Uncanny and a little bit spooky.

That's a beautiful photo, though. But this post gives me the willies.

Gotta go,

Dusty Devoe said...

I love the picture. I never seem to have my camera when I see something like that. But I am trying to remember to take it everytime I go out!

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