Saturday, December 27, 2008

Husband Abducted By Aliens!

You may recall my post from a few weeks back, wherein I expounded on my husband's benevolence in encouraging me to purchase my new saddle. Although unexpected at the time, the gesture was not out of character; he's a really great guy, and he wants me to be happy.

Then, this morning:

Him: You know what you should do? Go out to one of the "big box" stores and see if you can get a good deal on a new digital camera. Got any money?

Me: Some. Really?

Him: Yeah. Cramer (CNBC "Mad Money") says all the retailers did so badly, you can probably get a really good deal.

Me: Really?!

Him: Seriously. Don't go to Wal*Mart, cuz they're the only retailer that had record profits. Go to Target or Best Buy or some other place that carries them.

Me: Okay, I'm outta here!

It's true, my digital camera is a modern day dinosaur. It's close to 9 years old. It's probably 6"w x 2"d x 3"h and weighs almost 1.5 lbs. It uses 4 AA batteries. It has a whopping 8MB memory card, 2 mega pixels and 3x digital (not optical) zoom. On the lowest resolution, it holds maybe 50 pix. Video? What's that? Still, it works, and the pix aren't half bad — all the pix on this site were taken with that camera — although it makes my purse weigh a ton. It doesn't even fit in the purse I'm using right now. Hell, it doesn't even fit in the cup holders in my truck! Kodak no longer supports it, and the only place you can buy bigger memory cards (ooh 16MB!) is on one of those "vintage" sites where some geek has a closet full of outdated parts they sell at a premium to idiots like me who don't know when to upgrade. I've been wanting a new one for years, so this was all pretty exciting.

So what's wrong with this picture?

Mr. Fry is not a gambling man, so I know he didn't win the lotto or hit it big at the poker table.

We don't have any rich, recently deceased relatives.

He's not a dope dealer.

There's no money buried in the backyard.

Ed McMahon and the Prize Patrol have not been spotted on our road.

There's only one explanation remaining
: my husband has been abducted by aliens.

Yep, he's a pod person.

I did give some thought to contacting the authorities, but then I remembered that poor guy in the movie and how far that got him. [back of hand against forehead] No, I decided no one would believe me, and the best thing I could do is just go along with it until I figure out how to melt him or freeze him or electrocute him, or whatever that guy did in the movie. Best Buy, here I come.


Man, I have some serious catching up to do. I feel like one of the apes suddenly facing the monolith. Guess what I'll be doing tomorrow?

I was, in fact, able to get what I think is a very good deal. I got the camera, an extra rechargeable lithium battery, a case, and a 4GB card. I also got a 2 year warranty that includes accidental damage. I thought that might be a good idea because of that big LCD screen. Needless to say, my old camera had nothing like that. I used to drop it routinely. Thought I busted a small bone on the top of my foot once. My phone (Samsung Blackjack) has a big screen like that and it's scratched all to hell. The warranty on the camera seemed like a wise investment. I also got a 15% e-coupon when I registered it. I'm thinking of getting a silicon skin to help protect it.

What I paid for this amazing device is not all that much more than I paid for the old clunker back in its day. Can't wait to see what it can do!


cdncowgirl said...

Ooooh, congrats on the new camera!
My first digital was a Kodak EasyShare Z710(is I guess because I still have it and do use it)
But it too is super bulky so I got a nifty little Nikon. It fits in my purse, heck it fits in my POCKET! Which is great because that makes it much more likely that I'll have it on hand to snap those pics that just suddenly appear.

Leah Fry said...

Exactly! When I had to carry the old one in my canvas horn bag, and had a bottle of Gatorade in the other side, the bag became a lethal weapon. This one can slip in a pocket. I've never had video before either, except for on my phone. I never used that either because you had to push too many buttons to get to the video feature. By that time, the moment is long gone!

Nuzzling Muzzles said...

You and I must be traveling the same path. As you know, my husband got me a Tucker High Plains saddle and a new camera recently. That camera you bought is the exact same model my daughter has, and it is fantastic.

ezra_pandora said...

Awesomely cool. I was so confused about all the features and what to look for when buying our first digital camera. I still have no idea which settings to use and usually don't end up figuring it out until the photo opps are completely over. lol.

Congrats and what a great hubby, abducted by aliens or not. lol!

Leah Fry said...

Ez, at this point, my camera is way smarter than me. An thank God for iPhoto. As soon as I plugged in the camera, my Mac knew exactly what to do.

The Wife said...

Woohoo, a new camera! That's so much fun! I saw the pictures you took of the horses. They are great! enjoy.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Yay! Congrats on the new camera...well it's almost old news by now. I'm trying to get caught up. I've been so far behind in reading my favorite blogs since my fall last week.

I'm so happy for you. What fun you're going to have!!

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